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Hiring employees involves more than just gross wages and an employment contract. The main costs are the gross salary and the employer social security contribution. But there are also additional costs and benefits such as vacation pay, end-of-the-year bonus, hospital and workplace accident insurance, etc. Some benefits require separate contracts as well as adjusted employment regulations. We help you with all HR administration and we are looking to help you optimize your salary cost. We follow all changes in the law that may have an impact on you and your employees. We translate the complex laws into clear solutions tailored to your business.
A few services we provide:

- Company work regulations
- Employment contracts
- Optimizing salaries and benefits
- Employment measures
- Work accident insurance
- Hiring and termination measures
- Social Security declarations and documents
- Income tax declarations – also for companies with a permanent establishment
- Affiliation with a Protection & Prevention at Work provider


In any business, a correct payroll calculation is crucial. A correct and smooth payment of salaries every month guarantees satisfied and motivated employees. We take pride in making sure that the wage calculation is accurate and on time. All you have to do is provide us with the input regarding the hours and any changes in your employee’s contractual conditions.
What can you expect:

- Clear salary slips
- Timely information about wage indexation
- Dimona and DmfA declarations
- Calculation of vacation pay
- Calculation of the end-of-the-year bonus
- Calculation of benefits (car, hospital insurance, cell phone, lap top, …)
- Temporary unemployment declarations
- Correct registration of illness and other types of absences

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