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A “posted worker” is an employee who is sent by his employer to carry out a service in another EU Member State on a temporary basis, in the context of a contract of services, an intra-group posting or a hiring out through a temporary agency.
The EU defines a set of mandatory rules regarding the terms and conditions of employment to be applied to posted workers. These rules establish that, even though workers posted to another Member State are still employed by the sending company and subject to the law of that Member State, they are entitled to a set of core rights in force in the host Member State.

If you want to know what set of terms and conditions of employment of Belgium are we can help.
This set of rights consists of:

- minimum rates of pay – changed in revised Directive to ALL mandatory elements of remuneration;
- maximum work periods and minimum rest periods;
- minimum paid annual leave;
- the conditions of hiring out workers through temporary work agencies;
- health, safety and hygiene at work;
- equal treatment between men and women
- rules concerning accommodation and allowances
- for long-term postings application of an extended set of terms and conditions of employment of the receiving Member State

If you are delegating workers to Belgium ...

Our general manager, Miss Jowita Sokolowska specializes in the application of the EU Directive since 2005. She acts as a “Liaison” between the foreign employers and Belgian labor inspectorates and has successfully helped many foreign companies with local inspections. She has advised the Belgian government and the EU Commissioner for Work on many occasions about the employee and employer perspectives on posting workers to Belgium. She was included in the task force to test and implement Limosa declaration as well. She is well known and respected consultant in this matter. She speaks fluently English, Polish, Dutch and French. If you are delegating workers to Belgium we strongly encourage you to contact us.

We also support one-person companies with local inspections and administration.
We can help you with the following aspects of your activities here:

- application of the right social security
- audit of your current posting
- preparation / audit of contracts with Belgian customers
- full advice on the terms and conditions of employment applicable to your specific branch
- assistance during labor inspection
- determining a permanent establishment or the 183-day rule
- calculation of Belgian income taxes for posted employees
- Limosa declaration
- VCA and other certificates in different languages
- Housing laws and regulations and tips

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